‘Abstract Derive', Cristóbal Lehyt, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Mariana Castillo Deball, Jarbas Lopes, Judith Raum, Kasper Akhøj, Manuel Raeder

Ludlow 38, New York, May 23 – June 27, 2010

The Goethe-Institut New York is proud to announce Künstlerhaus Stuttgart as the third partner to collaborate with its satellite exhibition space for contemporary art, Ludlow 38, on the Lower East Side. After the Kunstverein München and the European Kunsthalle Cologne, the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (founded in 1978) represents another institutional model, coming from the German context, initially based on artistic self-organization. For the first exhibition, curators Axel Wieder and Tobi Maier present works of artists that originates from diverse socio-political investigations and creates a tension between abstraction and concrete social circumstances. Abstract Derive departs from an earlier commission of New York based artist Cristóbal Lehyt at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in 2008, for which the artist produced a large-scale model of the city of Stuttgart and portraits of its citizens that approach the question of subjectivity through the practice of drawing. This was used as a point of reference to create a group show investigating questions related to the specificity of site and the politics of abstraction, as an attempt to mediate a relationship between history and representation.

Manuel Raeder uses typography and images in his work to present information in a way that is not determined by its design, but remains open towards multiple readings. As part of his practice, Raeder is currently researching the history of Concrete Poetry, particularly in South America. He is interested in open systems of language, comparing them to architectural works as Lina Bo Bardi's buildings in Brazil. For Abstract Derive, Raeder produced a printed poster that developed from this research.